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Mooncalf Music 2017
Our in house Music Producer, Nick Beere, is a highly experienced sound engineer having worked with many bands including Paul DiAnno's Battlezone, The Lurkers, 999, Tokyo Blade (it's not all Metal and Punk tho'!) and a multitude of artists and bands that you may, or may not, have heard of.

Mooncalf Recording Studio's clients have included Justin Hawkins, Ozric Tentacles, The Snakes, Baby Shambles, Dirty Thrills, Tommy Hale and many other great bands and musicians.

The main live room is primarily designed for recording drums and acoustic instruments. The room features a reflective and diffuse stone wall and acoustic resonator panels in the ceiling thus creating a great ambient space.

The studio can accomodate a full band set up for 'live' recording, which has proven to be very successful on many occasions.

Our 'vocal' booth (the tiny room) is treated to be acoustically dead, providing the perfect space for performances ranging from voiceovers to rock anthems.

We have the patience, experience and facilities to record anyone and anything that makes a sound. And, if you look out of the window, there is a lovely view!