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Mooncalf music 2010
Our Music Producer, Nick Beere, is one of England's most experienced producers and engineers. Nick learnt his craft from the now deceased and sadly missed Nicky James, who is best known for discovering Elton John. As well as being skilled in the art of producing music, Nick is an accomplished musician, writer of music and performer.

In recent years, Mooncalf Recording Studio's clients have included Justin Hawkins, Pete Doherty, Baby Shambles, Ozric Tentacles and many other signed and un-signed bands.

The main live room is professionally designed for recording acoustic drums. To create live power and ambience, the room features a highly reflective and diffuse stone wall, with acoustic resonator panels in the ceiling.

The studio walls are acoustically treated to provide a smooth frequency response with live definition and acoustic variation.

Our vocal booth is treated to be acoustically dead, providing the perfect environment for every performance, from voiceovers to rock anthems.

We have the space, experience and facilities to record bands live, capturing every nuance of their performance.